DMK Enzyme Therapy

Remove. Rebuild. Protect. Maintain

Enzyme Therapy – Restores skin to its peak condition

DMK is the only company in the world to utilize the beneficial effects of transfer-messenger enzymes.

Enzymes are living substances that regulate health and work with certain minerals in the body to form a natural system of antioxidants that fight corrosive free radicals. Properly formulated, they can remove dead protein, toxins, and other effluvia from the epidermis using a process called ‘reverse osmosis.’

DMK Enzyme Treatments work with the skin. The enzymes aim to strengthen the structural integrity of the skin to create a healthy environment for cells to live and thrive.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Enzyme Therapy?

Enzymes are biological catalysts: they orchestrate all molecular activity in the skin and body.

What does Enzyme Therapy do?

Enzyme Therapy Benefits

Assists In Restoring the Natural Rhythm Of the Skin – ENZYME THERAPY embodies the DMK Concept, REMOVE, REBUILD, PROTECT, MAINTAIN which aims to mimic the functioning of the skin in every way. When the rhythm of the skin is restored, the problem skin condition returns to normal. 

Brightens Skin Tissue – As a result of an enzyme treatment and the Plasmatic Effect, a  fresh, nutrient-rich blood supply nourishes the skin tissue leaving it healthy, glowing and brighter

Strengthens The Skin’s Immune System – The functioning of the Langerhans Cells of the skin are stimulated and strengthened which helps the skin to fight off infection and recover more quickly

Works At Deep Cellular Level – Where some cosmetic facial treatments may only act on the surface of the skin, DMK ENZYME TREATMENTS work deep within the skin at cellular level. DMK is the ONLY company in the world to utilize the beneficial effects of transfer messenger enzymes in a process of cross-membrane, cell communication.

Improves The Structural Integrity Of The Skin – ENZYME THERAPY assists in promoting the production of Collagen and Elastin that supports the skin tissue. The facial and neck muscles are also strengthened through a series of muscle contractions during treatment. The result is firmer, tighter skin with reduced sagging, wrinkles and lines.

A Highly Versatile Protocol With A Multitude Of Applications – ENZYME THERAPY can be safely used as a support system in conjunction with other skin modalities, systems or products to enhance results and assist in minimising downtime while reducing the risk of possible side-effects

Who is Enzyme Therapy for?

DMK Enzyme Therapy Treatments are suitable for most skin types, colours and conditions.

What does Paramedical mean? 

Paramedical is a system that is adjunctive to the practice of medicine in maintaining and restoring health. Over the years medical and aesthetic professions have drawn closer together sharing a common purpose in dealing with skin dysfunction. 

Many ordinary cosmetic products only work topically on the skin and are usually not capable of penetrating deeply into the skin tissue. Cosmetic treatments and products work only on the surface of the skin while paramedical treatments and products are designed to penetrate skin tissue at a deeper level to address problem areas at a cellular level. 

The DMK system works on the structure and functioning of the skin. DMK paramedical treatments are designed to restore the natural functioning of the skin. DMK treatments stimulate the skin in a way that allows the skin’s own natural systems and processes to return to normal. In short, the DMK system is designed to emulate the way your own skin works naturally. 

DMK paramedical products are formulated using chemistry that the skin recognizes as its own. Active ingredients used in DMK paramedical products are of a much more potent strength that enables the key ingredient to do its work and achieve effective results. Many cosmetic products do not contain enough of an active ingredient to see any significant results. 

Is it normal to breakout after at treatment?

It is perfectly normal to experience breakouts after DMK treatments, though they are not causing them. This is a process we call ‘purging’, which is when our treatments release underlying congestion trapped deep down within the pores and push it up to the surface. We see this as a positive response, as we are waking up skin functions that were not working optimally. We want to encourage purging as part of the REMOVE phase of the DMK concept. With consistent treatments and the use of DMK Home Prescriptive products, these breakouts will clear up as quickly as possible. 





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